Frequently asked questions for the School Adventure Race Series

What are the dates and locations for each race?

All events start at 2:00PM.  All participants are due back to the start/finish area by 3:15PM.

Race dates and locations:

Do students have to be runners to participate?

No!  Unlike other racing events, it’s not necessarily the people who run the fastest that win orienteering events.  Don’t get us wrong, it’s helpful to be in shape – we recommend it – but if you are the fastest at going in the wrong direction you won’t be winning anything.

How many teams can each school have?

The number of teams is up to your individual school.

We aren’t sure how many racers will participate from our school, can we still register?

Yes.  Registration can initially be completed with the Group/Organization Membership with the initial two students registering for free.

If you need to add additional students later, complete the form again selecting ‘Already 2019 Member’ for the membership option.  Then you can add the additional athletes.

Our school has an uneven number of participants, can everyone compete?

This series is geared towards teams of two, but exceptions can be made for schools with uneven numbers of students.  Our events are designed for pairs, so having a third team member will not be an advantage in these events.  If a school has an even number of students, each team should be a pair.

Are Junior and Senior High students completing against each other?

Yes & No.  Junior and Senior High school students will be completing the same activities, but ranking will be based on Junior division or Senior division.

Since Junior and Senior High school students will be completing the same activities, your Junior and Senior students can compare their results with each other.

Does it matter which school division we belong too?  

No.  All school divisions are invited to participate.

Can we change the members on each team each week?

Yes.  In fact, we encourage it.  Each week the contact person for your school, will receive a form that is to be completed leading upto the race.  This allows for the athletes on each team to change or they can be left, as is.

Points are awarded to each individual athlete based on team ranking each week.  This provides more flexibility to change the team make-up each week.

What payment methods do you accept?

When you complete the online registration, you can use a credit card to issue payment.  The online payment system accepts VISA and Mastercard.  ** Please note that additional service fees apply.  OR you can select the ‘payment by cheque’ option and mail a cheque to our P.O. Box with a copy of the online registration form.