About Us

Kids Run Wild is a program that introduces families to the fun and adventure of orienteering. Orienteering is a sport that combines map reading, navigation, and running or walking in natural environments. It is a great way to develop physical fitness, mental skills, and environmental awareness.

Kids Run Wild is the youth division of Edmonton Overlanders Orienteering Club (EOOC), which organizes orienteering events and activities for all ages and skill levels in the Edmonton area. The EOOC is a member of Orienteering Alberta and Orienteering Canada, the provincial and national governing bodies of the sport.

Kids Run Wild offers weekly sessions during the spring fall and winter seasons, as well as special events such as camps, clinics, and school programs. Our sessions are led by experienced and enthusiastic coaches who provide instruction, guidance, and encouragement to the participants. Our goal is to foster a lifelong love of orienteering and outdoor adventure in our participants.

We welcome participants of all ages and abilities, as well as their caregivers. Come and join us for some fun and learning in the woods! 🌲🗺️🏃‍♂️

For more information, please contact Dorothy at kidsrunwildyeg@gmail.com or 587 990 3531.