Thank you for visiting our achievements page, where we share the awards and recognition we have received for our work in orienteering and fitness. We are very happy and grateful to share these achievements with you, as they show our efforts, passion, and quality in what we do. 

We are thrilled to announce that we have won the Best Children’s Outdoor Pursuits & Fitness Programme 2023 – Western Canada award from Acquisition International, a leading global business magazine. This award recognizes our excellence and innovation in providing orienteering and fitness programs for children and families in Edmonton and beyond. We are honored and grateful to receive this prestigious recognition, which reflects our passion, dedication, and quality in what we do. We also want to thank our coaches, volunteers, and customers who have been supportive and helpful in making this achievement possible.

We are especially thankful to the teacher who nominated us for this award. She has been using our school programs for her students and has also joined our kids run wild club programs with her family. She has seen the benefits and joys of orienteering and fitness for herself and her loved ones, and has shared her positive feedback and experiences with us. You can read more about our award and our program on the Acquisition International website. We hope you join us in celebrating this wonderful news and continue to enjoy our fun and challenging activities.