Community & School Programs

Community Programs: We offer custom programing for community groups (scouts, girl guides, community leagues, etc.), team building activities for workplaces, birthday parties and a wide variety of other options. These programs are available year-round.

Schools programs: We offer custom programing for all age ranges. Our school programs are developed for kindergarten students through to university students. Activities are developed based on age of participants. These sessions can be organized for individual classes, for the whole school or organized as progression sessions. These programs are available year-round.


  • $150 per session with 75 or less elementary aged participants OR 30 Junior High or older participants.
  • $2 for elementary aged participants beyond 75 participants total.
  • $5 for other youth participants over 30 participants total.

Time frame:  45 – 120 minutes.  Most sessions are booked at 90 minutes, but we cater the session to the time frame available and age range of participants. 

For more information please contact Dorothy at or 587 990 3531