On Sunday, March 15th, Alberta experienced its first community acquired COVID-19 (coronavirus) cases, one in Calgary and one in Edmonton. This means that the virus is now being acquired from unknown community sources. We can no longer isolate where the virus is being contracted or by whom. Today, we learned that the virus has spread to all regions of Alberta, growing exponentially from 5 to 79 in just ten days. In light of the escalated public health risk, Kids Run Wild is canceling/postponing all official activities until further notice. The good news is that it is still safe to enjoy the outdoors with social distancing. Find ways to relieve stress while supporting your best health. Here are some tips to help you take care of yourself and others, too:

  1. Create space outdoors. Enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, either alone or at least arms-length from each other. Outside activity is safer than indoor options and still a great idea if you create space.
  2. Be an introvert. Avoid group gatherings of any size where creating space is difficult to monitor or predict. Steer clear from known crowded spaces as much as possible.
  3. Do your laundry. Now is a good time to throw that gym bag of stinky gear into the machine. Wear clean clothes on every outing. Don’t wear unwashed clothes twice.
  4. Be distantly friendly! Greet others with a wave and a hi. If you’re close enough to touch, you’re probably too close. Hug a tree or even a dog! They’re immune!
  5. Chill. Practice relaxation activities in your home, such as yoga or meditation, even reading a book or listening to a free Kilian podcast. Restful activities are good for your mental and physical health.

For other preventative measures besides social distancing, see below for Canada’s public health reminders:

  • Stay home if you are feeling unwell. You can do a self-examination at
  • Self isolate if you have recently returned from travel. No exceptions.
  • Wash your hands. Touch is the most common cause of transmission.
  • Cough, blow your nose, or sneeze away from others. Water droplets can transmit the virus up to six feet (2 metres) away.
  • Don’t travel if you don’t have to. We know that the virus has spread worldwide because of one thing: travel. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Let’s do our part to flatten the pandemic curve. And don’t forget to thank a health professional. They are on the front lines of this global crisis, putting their own health at risk every day for the greater good.


How to flatten the curve:

Emergency Preparedness public health response diagram:

Health Canada’s advice on COVID-19:

Alberta Health Services self-assessment tool for coronavirus:

World Health Organization situational tool for COVID-19:

Coronavirus predictive charts, March 10, 2020:

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