Orienteering Courses

If you are new to orienteering, or want to practice more, you can try these courses that are set up for you in and around Edmonton. These courses are made and maintained by the Edmonton Overlanders Orienteering Club, a not-for-profit sports club that organizes regular events and programs for the public. You can use these courses whenever you want. They are a fun way to learn how to read a map and find your way around, see new places, and enjoy nature. You can find the maps and instructions for each course on this page. Here are some of the courses you can try, with the maps and instructions below.

​​Before you go…

Important Safety Precautions:
Visit the AOA Safety site before you head out.
Possession of the maps does not imply permission to be on the land. Permission must always be obtained from the private and/or public landowners.  Note that the maps may be out-of-date and may not have been recently field-checked. New hazards may exist that are not shown on the map.
 You are responsible for assessing risks and managing your safety. Ensure that you are properly trained and aware of the risks before embarking on any unsupervised orienteering activity. Always carry a whistle, or a communication device, go with a “buddy”, and obey all  local regulations and signs
Users’ liability waiver:
Use the map only for your own activities. No commercialized activities (or events) are allowed to use these maps. The users of any of the maps in Alberta waive all responsibility from  the ALBERTA ORIENTEERING ASSOCIATION (AOA), and their members from any loss of property or personal injury that may occur during the use of any of these maps.

Strathcona Wilderness Centre courses

These courses are available July and August 2023.