Updating Membership

If you have already purchased your Annual EOOC Household Membership, but need to add additional family members – you can update your membership at no cost.

Go back to membership link:  https://zone4.ca/register.asp?id=18965

On the first page, answer the compulsory questions, choosing: $0 ALREADY A  2019  member.
Then continue to the individual pages, filling one page for every person in the household, starting with the adults.

Continue to the end, including where you have to give an email address for your receipt.
If you have done it correctly, Zone 4 will send you a receipt for $0.

Please note: KRW Families can add additional family-members to their membership without cost, even if the family member does not live at the same address.  This can include any adults that may attend/participate in any sessions with your child.  Example:  Grandparents, aunt, uncle &/or babysitter.